XVSTRANGE is a fashion brand based in Madrid, Spain. The brand
currently focuses on designing unisex collections. XVSTRANGE was born
with thewith the goal of highlighting the power of clothing to help people
express themselves and find that connection between the person and the
garment. XVSTRANGE is aimed at a public that seeks uniqueness in the
way they dress. In the words of the designers "Everything that captures our
senses makes us flow towards inspiration. Inspiration is not ours, it is
borrowed; it flows from the outside in.
For the designers, when creating garments, much of their ideas come from
two forms of artistic expression: street art, specifically in the form of
graffiti, and abstract art.
XVSTRANGE understands that clothing has to be an extension of the
designer's personality and not just a pretty garment.
The clothing brand was founded by two young designers born in Equatorial
Guinea who are Devins and Jack, the two young designers of Guinean
origin who carry the brand XVSTRANGE are Guillermo Bobala and
Acacio Jackie Ndong, their studies of Design and Fashion in Madrid lasted
four years where they studied pattern making by hand and computer,
fashion, cutting and sewing, hand sewing, fabric analysis, in addition to
handling tools and sewing machinery.